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Hi, thanks for visiting my own little corner of graysparks!

Here's a wee bit about me:
I was raised in Hong Kong amid its humid city sights and sounds. Chopsticks, geckos, trams, swimming, cold drinks and new freckles were childhood markers for me.

Thanks to secondary schooling in Edinburgh, I discovered a whole new season called Winter, Scotland's rugged beauty and a strangely tasty elixir called Irn Bru!

After school, I trained Artistically at the Accademia di belle Arte in Venice, Italy where in addition to my degree, I mastered a crazy new language and fell in love with the uniquely elegant water city. I even learnt to row Venetian longboats (Gondolier style!) as a member of the Società Canottieri Querini.

After my degree I spent a few years in Florence before returning to Scotland. I arrived with a beautiful Venetian dog and found my wonderful husband Peter whilst crewing an R.N.L.I lifeboat. We live in South Queensferry with our three wriggly, happy dogs.


I believe life is an unpredictable and wonderful ride - so if you do decide to invite me to document a few hours of your special moments, I promise to be professional, fun and reliable throughout.

Kate :)